Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do (16 to Know)

16 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do

Step into the intriguing realm of covert narcissism where the lines between charm and manipulation blur effortlessly. In this exploration, we’re diving deep into the 16 weird things covert narcissists do.

From subtle manipulation tactics to peculiar behaviors, join us on a journey to uncover the covert maneuvers wielded by these enigmatic individuals. So by understanding these distinct traits, you’ll gain insight into recognizing and dealing with covert narcissists in your own life.

16 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do

Here are the 16 peculiar behaviors of covert narcissists. So now explore their subtle manipulations and peculiar habits on a revealing journey into their intriguing world.

Get a glimpse into the intriguing world of female covert narcissists, where unique habits define their behavior.

1) They meticulously craft an image with a quirky twist

  • Covert female narcissists are like artists, but instead of painting on a canvas, they paint an image of themselves. They put a lot of effort into making sure everyone sees them as perfect. Do you know how some people only show the good stuff on social media? That’s them but in real life.
  • They carefully pick what to share, making sure it’s all positive. But what’s interesting is they add a quirky twist to it all. It’s like they’re not just perfect, they’re also a bit weird in a charming way. This mix of flawless and quirky makes people admire them even more.

2) They manipulate subtly, adding an eccentric flair to their actions

  • Imagine someone pulling strings behind a curtain, but you don’t even realize it’s happening. That’s how covert female narcissists manipulate people. They don’t come right out and say what they want; instead, they do it in sneaky ways.
  • It’s like they’re playing a secret game, and you’re the pawn without knowing it. They might make you feel guilty without saying anything, or act innocent while controlling you without you noticing. Their manipulation has this strange, eccentric vibe that makes it even harder to spot.

3) They strategically withhold emotions, leaving an uncanny aura in their wake

  • Ever been in a friendship or relationship where you felt like you were always craving affection or support? That’s what it’s like with covert female narcissists. They hold back emotions like love and validation to keep you hooked on them.
  • So it’s like they’re playing with your feelings. And giving you just enough to keep you coming back for more. This emotional rollercoaster keeps you under their control, leaving you feeling confused and dependent on them. These are the main traits of female narcissists.

4) They navigate social situations charismatically, sprinkling in a dash of whimsy

  • Despite their manipulative ways, covert female narcissists are really good at charming people. They know how to make a great first impression and get everyone to like them. They’ll shower you with compliments and flattery, making you feel special.
  • But behind that charm, they’re hiding their true intentions. It’s like they’re wearing a mask to hide who they really are while they pull the strings and manipulate everyone around them. It’s weird things covert narcissists do. When they can be so charismatic while playing games with people’s emotions.

5) They skillfully mirror behavior, incorporating an element of surrealism

  • Covert female narcissists are like chameleons in social settings. Because they’re experts at copying the behaviors, interests, and even emotions of those around them. It’s like they’re wearing invisible masks, pretending to be someone else to fit in or get what they want.
  • But here’s the surreal twist – it’s not just about blending in; it’s about creating a weird, distorted version of reality. By mirroring others, they can control and manipulate situations without anyone suspecting a thing.

6) They subtly assert intellectual superiority, tinged with a hint of curiousness

  • Covert female narcissists exude an air of intellectual superiority veiled in curiosity. So they possess an unshakable belief in their own intellect and knowledge, subtly asserting their superiority over others.
  • Conversations with them often take on an undertone of condescension, as they subtly belittle others’ ideas or perspectives. Yet, intertwined with this arrogance is a feigned interest, as if they’re intrigued by the inferior intellects surrounding them.
  • This combination of superiority and curiosity serves to elevate their own ego while simultaneously undermining the confidence of those they interact with. It’s a calculated dance of intellect, with the narcissist always leading the steps.

7) They embrace a victim mentality, accompanied by an air of freakishness

  • Covert female narcissists embrace a victim mentality, cloaked in an aura of freakishness. They skillfully manipulate situations to cast themselves as the perpetual sufferers, absolving themselves of any responsibility.
  • Every setback and every hardship becomes another piece of evidence in their elaborate narrative of victimhood. This portrayal of victimhood is not merely a defense mechanism. But it’s a weapon wielded to garner sympathy and control.
  • So their behavior may seem bizarre to outsiders, as they oscillate between the roles of the tormented. And the tormentor, leaving a trail of chaos and confusion in their wake. So you can say that narcissists can not be faithful.

8) They violate boundaries stealthily, with a touch of bizarreness

  • Covert female narcissists excel in violating boundaries, blending stealth with a hint of bizarreness. They tiptoe across the lines of personal space and privacy, testing the limits of others’ tolerance.
  • Their intrusions may seem innocuous at first, masked behind a facade of curiosity or concern. Yet, beneath the surface lies a calculated disregard for the autonomy of others. It’s a game of cat and mouse, with the narcissist constantly probing for weaknesses to exploit.
  • This violation of boundaries serves as a means of asserting dominance and control, leaving their victims feeling disoriented and powerless in the face of their bizarre manipulations.
  • These behaviors paint a picture of the complex and manipulative tactics employed by covert female narcissists, highlighting their ability to disguise their true intentions while exerting control over others in subtle yet impactful ways.

Here’s a quick peek into the odd habits of male covert narcissists. So you will uncover their peculiar behaviors in this overview.

9) They artfully display humility, with an offbeat twist

  • Covert male narcissists have mastered the art of seeming humble but with a peculiar edge. In social situations, they’ll downplay their accomplishments, painting themselves as modest and approachable. It’s as if they’re wearing a cloak of humility to hide their inner craving for admiration and validation.
  • Behind the façade of modesty lies a hunger for praise and recognition. This crafted humility isn’t genuine; it’s a calculated maneuver to manipulate perceptions, allowing them to appear likable while maintaining their sense of superiority.

10) They charm others deceptively, adding a layer of strangeness to their allure

  • Covert male narcissists possess a deceptive charm that’s laced with an unsettling strangeness. They’re adept at charming others, effortlessly drawing people in with their charisma and apparent sincerity. Yet, beneath this charming veneer lies a darker agenda.
  • Because their compliments and flattery are carefully calculated moves aimed at winning over others for their own gain. Whether it’s for admiration, control, or validation, their charm is a tool for manipulation, adding an eerie layer to their allure that can leave others feeling uneasy.

11) They selectively reveal vulnerability, with an odd sincerity

  • These narcissists know how to play on people’s emotions by selectively revealing vulnerabilities. They’ll strategically share their weaknesses or insecurities to elicit sympathy and attention from others. However, there’s a twisted sincerity to their vulnerability – it’s not genuine openness.
  • But rather a calculated tactic to manipulate emotions and actions. By exploiting others’ compassion, they gain an advantage in relationships, using their vulnerabilities as leverage to meet their own needs while maintaining control.

12) They expertly feign helplessness, masking it with a sense of uncanniness

  • Another tactic in the arsenal of covert male narcissists is feigning helplessness but with a peculiar twist. They’ll play up their incompetence or inability to handle tasks, subtly coercing others into taking care of them. This feigned helplessness isn’t a sign of genuine need.
  • But rather a manipulation tactic to maintain power and control. By appearing helpless, they can exert influence over others without facing consequences, creating a sense of dependency that serves their interests. So Learning about the weird behaviors of male covert narcissists can be really helpful.

13) They coerce emotionally with finesse, employing peculiar tactics

  • Covert male narcissists are masters at manipulating emotions to get what they want. They skillfully use guilt, fear, or other emotions to control those around them, subtly pulling strings behind the scenes. It’s like they’re conducting a symphony of emotions, orchestrating scenarios where others feel compelled to comply with their desires.
  • However, this manipulative behavior can deeply affect people’s mental well-being. And leaving them feeling emotionally drained and trapped within the dynamics of the relationship.

14) They arrogantly display intellectual prowess, with a hint of unusualness

  • These individuals often exude an air of intellectual superiority complex, coupled with a peculiar twist. They arrogantly assert their knowledge and intelligence, belittling others to maintain their sense of superiority.
  • This behavior is a means of elevating their own ego, creating an environment where they feel in control and better than everyone else. However, beneath this facade of intellect lies a fragility, as their need for validation and dominance drives their interactions with others.

15) They express discontent passively-aggressively, tinged with freakishness

  • Covert male narcissists prefer to avoid confrontation, opting instead for passive-aggressive tactics to express their dissatisfaction. They may resort to making snide remarks or giving silent treatment, subtly stirring up conflict without taking direct responsibility.
  • This behavior creates an atmosphere of tension and unease, as their passive-aggressive actions leave others feeling frustrated and confused. It’s a form of manipulation that allows them to maintain control while avoiding accountability for their actions.

16) They intrusively violate personal space, their actions tinged with abnormality

  • Personal boundaries hold little significance for these individuals. They may invade someone’s personal space by standing too close or engaging in unwelcome physical contact. It’s a blatant display of dominance and control, intended to make others feel uncomfortable and powerless.
  • So this intrusive behavior creates a sense of unease and tension. As individuals find themselves navigating a space where their boundaries are constantly disregarded. Understanding these abnormal actions is crucial in recognizing and addressing the toxic dynamics perpetuated by covert male narcissists.
  • Thus, covert male narcissists use emotional manipulation, intellectual arrogance, passive-aggressive behavior, and violations of personal space to control and dominate others, often leaving them feeling trapped and powerless in the relationship.


As we conclude our journey through the world of female and covert narcissism, it’s evident that recognizing their peculiar behaviors is key to maintaining our emotional well-being. Navigating relationships with covert narcissists requires a delicate balance of empathy, assertiveness, and self-preservation.

So by shedding light on these 16 weird things covert narcissists do, we empower ourselves to establish healthy boundaries. And navigate relationships with clarity. So let’s carry this understanding forward, using it as a tool to cultivate fulfilling connections and prioritize our own happiness.

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