GOD Is Good All The Time (Don Moen’s Dynamic Lyrics)

Don Moen God is good all the time with a beautiful explanation

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME BY DON MOEN IS A HEART-TOUCHING & spiritual SONG WITH BEAUTIFUL LYRICS. Here are the meaning & explanation of his lines.

“God is good all the time. However, there are murk each around, don’t sweat, If you walk in the barn”. 


1) When He Shows Us The Right Path When We Go Astray

  • “He has promised to noway leave you, always save you. Lord is good all the time. He put a song of praise in this heart of mine”. 

  • Chorale 258 in the NLT says, The Lord is good and does what’s right; he shows the proper path to those who go amiss. We must keep reminding ourselves of the verity God has not, nor will he give up on our spenders any further than He gives up on us when we stray. 

  • The Pulpit Commentary explains it this way” He’ll not abandon wrongdoers-this is his” virtuousness; but will reclaim them, chasten them, make them walk in his way this in his uprightness.”This verse is good news! 

  • We all go amiss at times. some for longer than others. But whether we fall into occasional sin, or we get stuck in our sin, God does not give up on us. God doesn’t hate us.

  • Indeed when we give up on God, He remains faithful. He said to Israel, His frequently rebellious children, “I’ve loved you with an everlasting love; I’ve drawn you with unerring kindness.”And this is what He’s still saying moment. 

2) When He Teaches Us A Lesson From Our Mistakes

  • Occasionally when we do make bad choices he lets us learn our assignment of what we’ve done wrong, that is when God is there to take us down and pick us up. Miscalculations don’t define you — they upgrade you.
  • At least this is what God does with our miscalculations, messes, and mishaps. However, he’ll use every bit of it for our good, If we allow him to clean up the mess. However, God will use the results of our miscalculations as the foundation upon which He can make a new life If we let Him. 

3) God Is Good All The Time When He Checks Us With Tough Tests

  • Most of the time, it’s hard to comprehend the substance of trials we’re passing but that’s when faith works indeed less… When we choose to trust indeed if we can not see yet. Be patient and keep on trusting the process, God might be preparing your character for an immense blessing. 
  • “ Occasionally when you are in a dark place, you suppose you’re buried, but you’ve been planted”.  By asking us to trust Him and “ wholeheartedly observe the form of tutoring to which we were entrusted”.
  • Only God’s Word enables us to understand these effects, and in it, we will see that it’s only by taking the tests God gives that we can successfully handle Satan’s tests. It’s clear in the Good Book that God does test us. But testing isn’t designed to be negative.
  • God is love and wants us to succeed. When he tests us, he wants to see if our faith in him is real. However, he takes pleasure in tutoring us so we can pass the coming time If we fall suddenly. When our faith proves genuine, he can award us. 

 4) When He Makes Us Face the Dreadful Truth of Our Life

  • God makes us face the dreadful variety of our lives to make us stronger to face all the struggles of life. God’s grace is sufficient to overcome the struggles of this life. With God, all effects are possible.
  • The stopgap of eternal life (heaven) and the pledge of God’s presence and control in this life help people navigate the trials of this life victoriously. God is good all the time when he wants to fit us into another actuality in different worlds as we continue our actuality.
  • That former experience may help us as we move on. Just a study, just a guess. So that we can earn a lot of virtuousness to spend in heaven and have manners and refreshments and pleasures there.
  • That’s the only reason. Because nothing is free there, but presently there are used only virtuousness and firm faith in God and prophets. 

 GOD Is Great All The Time 

 5) Being Pleased with Our Good Deeds When He Rewards Us 

  • “God is good all the time. He put a song of praise in this heart of mine. God is good all the time, through the darkest nights, his light will shine”. God rewards those who work hard, and that can come in a variety of ways.
  • But if you continue to put in a solid work heritage, you earn whatever is the outgrowth..” Don’t be lazy in zeal, be hot in spirit, serve the Lord.”God helps those who help themselves.
  • God is the righteous Judge giving to every one according to his/ her conduct towards his/ her maker. When one faithfully obeys the Creator’s command, there’s a good price for obedience. Any man who must pleasingly serve God the Maker must live by faith. 

6) When He Does the Equally Best Justice to All His People

  • “God is good all the time. He put a song of praise in this heart of mine. He is good all the time through the darkest nights, his light will shine. Though I may not understand, all the plans you have for me, While my life is in your hands, through the eyes of faith, I can see that God is good all the time”. 

  • The Book of Genesis reminds us that when God created the world, God created humanity “ in the Divine Image.” The soul invested within each of us is inversely godly and pure. The Jewish pundits educate that this common strain reminds us we’re all equal and good of the same quality and respect. 

  • Understanding the world through the eyes of God’s ultimate justice allows us to have peace that those who have done wrong will eventually admit their justice, still, God sees it stylish, indeed if on earth they have not been served the justice they earn. 

  • Just like the sun is freely available to everyone, the equal justice of God is for us. The shine of his love is freely available to everyone who unfeignedly wants it. And by our deep trust and tolerance, we can admit God’s love, mercy & moment of justice. 

 7) When He Forgives Us for Our Sins 

  • “God is good all the time through the darkest nights, his light will shine. It’s our sin, so unworthy, still, for us, he chose to die, he filled us with his holy spirit, now we can stand and swear That’s love, is everlasting and his mercy will noway run”. 
  • Still, he’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all badness, If we confess our sins. When you sell your soul and but you unfeignedly confess all your sins to God and rue from them, He’ll forgive you.
  • This is because God has promised in His Word to do so, for our loving Father is always faithful to His Word. God can forgive anyone. But he has set laws regarding penitence and remission.
  • Remission doesn’t mean the lawbreaker doesn’t have to pay the price for their sins. Murder is particularly delicate because it’s insolvable to satisfy all of the ways of penitence. But the sacrilege against the Spirit won’t be forgiven. 

 8) When He Gives Us Deep Hope In Despair

  • God is like a merciful ray he comforts us while suffering. In our suffering, we admit comfort from God when we draw near to him. We draw near to God through prayer, reading the Bible, and planning on the Book. 

  • “God is good all the time. He put a song of praise in this heart of mine. He is good all the time through the darkest nights, his light will shine. God is good, he’s so good. all the time”. 

      • In despair, He gives us stopgap, strength, guidance, comfort, purpose, love, strength, results, and understanding. God Made his CHURCH the sacrament of concinnity of the mortal race and its union with God “ HE IS OUR PEACE” 

        God is Good All The Time Quotes

        • “Yes! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.” – Unknown

        • “And God’s goodness is not determined by our circumstances.” – Unknown

        • “My God’s goodness is constant and unchanging.” – Unknown

        • “Merciful God’s goodness is the anchor that holds us steady in the storms of life.” – Unknown

        • “God’s goodness appears in the beauty of creation, the love of family and friends, and the grace of salvation.” – Unknown

        • “Actually, God’s goodness is not limited by our understanding or experience.” – Unknown

        • “God’s goodness is a gift that we receive by faith, not by merit.” – Unknown

        • “God’s goodness is the reason for our hope, the source of our strength, and the foundation of our faith.” – Unknown

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