My God Is Awesome: (A Beautiful Explanation)

My God Is Awesome Lyrics With Beautiful Explanation

“My God is awesome” is a way of saying that the divine presence is truly unique and impressive. It’s like expressing how incredible and wonderful God is. So, imagine a big, amazing world with tons of cool stuff and beauty all around. You know how sometimes the sky looks like it’s giving the Earth a super tight hug? Well, guess what? There’s this really special feeling, like a warm and comfy blanket, that’s all about how awesome our God is.

Actually, My God is Awesome” song was by a talented guy Charles Jenkins. He loves gospel music and he made this song in 2012 for an album called “Best of Both Worlds”. People really love this song. Because it’s about how great God is. It’s a way of singing and talking about how much we think God is great! 

  • All the words in the song take you on an exciting adventure, like going on a journey to celebrate how amazing and kind the One who made everything is, and how much love they have for us.
  • The music and the words in the song fit together like puzzle pieces that just click perfectly.
  • It’s a bit like a special magic that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, kinda like when you’re super loved and amazed.
  • So, let’s jump into “My God is Awesome” and feel all those cozy, heartwarming feelings it brings – it’s like getting a big, tight hug made of love that reminds us how important love is in our lives.

My God Is Awesome Lyrics With Beautiful Explanation


When Jenkins uses the word “awesome” to talk about God, they’re trying to show just how mind-blowingly unique and powerful they think God is. It’s like saying, “Whoa, God is so incredible and awe-inspiring that it’s hard to even put into words!” So, it’s a way of showing deep respect and being amazed by all the awesome stuff that makes up God’s greatness.

My God is awesome, He can move mountains

This strong belief can make even the biggest problems seem tiny and not so scary. Because the song here is about how God is incredibly powerful, super duper strong. And He can do what seems impossible, like moving a vast mountain. Life is tough without this hope. So, the song is all about how God’s amazing strength can help us beat hard things in our lives. God is like a superhero with you who can make difficult things look so easy.

Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain

Here the song talks about being in a “valley,” which is like a symbol of the tough times. And then there’s talk about hiding from the “rain,” which is like all the hard stuff that’s coming at you. It’s like saying God is like a big shield or a safe place when things get rough. So, when things are bad, the song says God is there to protect and guide you, just like a good friend.

Heals me when I’m broken, strength where I’m weakened

“When Jenkins said, ‘Makes me better when I’m hurt, gives me power when I’m not strong,’ this sentence emphasizes how God functions as a healer for both my body and spirit. It demonstrates my belief that he can mend and restore individuals who experience hurt in their hearts, minds, or bodies.”When it talks about “power,” it means that God gives me strength inside and helps me when I feel not so strong.

Savior of the whole world, giver of salvation

These words point out the super important idea in Christianity—the thought that Jesus Christ saves all of us. Jenkins talks about how God has a plan to make things right. And says that having protection is like getting a fantastic present from God. These lines say “thank you” for God being so kind and giving us the chance to live forever by believing in Jesus.

By His stripes I am healed, today I am forgiven

“Jenkins discusses the idea that Jesus Christ’s pain and crucifixion make our wrongs right.”When we say “stripes,” we mean the hurtful marks Jesus suffered, which stand for the fixing of our sins and our hurt. It also means that thanks to what Jesus gave up, people who believe are pardoned and brought back.

His grace is why I’m living

This simple statement shows how important God’s kindness is in keeping me going and giving purpose to my life. When we talk about “grace,” we mean God’s love and favor that we don’t earn, but He gives to us anyway. This sentence recognizes that my very existence is a gift from God’s grace and shows that I’m thankful and humbled by it.

Praise His Holy name

This saying is like giving a big shout-out of love and respect to God. It’s like saying, “Hey, let’s all recognize and honor how amazing and divine the Lord is!” This really captures the heart of praising God just for being Himself.

Mighty, holy, great, deliverer, provider, protector

These words describe different things about God. “Mighty” shows how strong and tough God is. “Holy” means He’s extra special and super exemplary. “Great” is like saying He’s the biggest deal ever. “Deliverer” is saying He rescues us when things get tough. “Provider” means He gives us what we need, and “protector” is like He’s our guardian, keeping us safe and sound.

Forever He will reign, My God is awesome,

This declaration emphasizes God’s eternal sovereignty and rules over all creation. It conveys the belief that God’s reign is unchanging and enduring, reflecting the timeless nature of His authority.

Basically, these lyrics capture a super sincere way of showing how much we believe in, appreciate, and respect God. They really make us go “Wow!” about all the amazing things He does and how He takes care of us, His followers.

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My God Is Awesome Quotes

  • “Wow, my God is truly amazing. He can turn even the darkest moments into something bright and beautiful.”
  • “I find such peace in knowing that my awesome God can bring calmness to the chaos around me.”
  • “There’s nothing I can’t face when I have my incredible Lord by my side. His awesomeness knows no bounds.”
  • “The love my Lord showers upon me is so incredible, and His grace is just mind-blowing.”
  • “Through thick and thin, I stand tall and strong because of the unwavering support of my God. His awesomeness keeps me going.”
  • “Every single day, I’m in awe of the wonderful things my God has created.” “I draw strength from my God’s wisdom and power; they’re both truly awe-inspiring.”
  • “It’s amazing how my God provides for me, especially when I need it the most. His care is simply awesome.”
  • “I can never think that God hates me. I can’t fathom the depth of my God’s forgiveness and mercy – they’re beyond words, just pure awesomeness.” 
  • “When I’m feeling down, just remembering my God’s presence brings me comfort and fills me with hope. His awesomeness is beyond measure.”

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