Why Does My Dad Hate Me?

If you’re wondering why you sometimes feel like you really don’t like or hate your mom. Or sometimes you think “Why does my dad hate me.” it could be because you and your parents don’t understand each other or have different ways of doing things. Another reason could be that you and your dad don’t talk nicely or listen to each other. Two important things to consider are how you act and how your dad looks after you.

Why Does My Dad Hate Me?

These things can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between you and your dad. Dads need to be kind and supportive, but they also need to tell you what they expect from you and what the rules are. It’s also important for you to be respectful and responsible and make good choices. If you both try to talk and understand each other better, you can make your relationship stronger and become closer as a father and son.

Why Does My Dad Hate Me But Love My Brother?

Sometimes, it can feel like your dad likes your brother more than you. This might be because of things like who was born first or what activities you both enjoy. But it’s important to remember that these feelings arise from wanting to feel valued and accepted.

Sometimes, when there are misunderstandings and not enough conversations, it can make it seem like your dad loves your brother more than you. But that doesn’t mean he actually doesn’t like you. It just means he shows his love in different ways.

How you feel inside and how confident you are can also impact how you see your dad’s love for you. If you feel uncertain or not very sure of yourself, you might think that your dad hates you, even if that’s not true.

Is it Okay to Think Why Does My Dad Hate Me?

It’s alright to have thoughts and wonder why your dad’s actions make you feel like he hates you. However, it’s important to remember that your thoughts may not always be accurate. Keep an open mind and think about other reasons for his behavior.

Instead of assuming he hates you, try having an honest conversation with him about your feelings. This can help both of you understand each other better and make improvements in your relationship.

Does Your Dad Really Hate You?

Your Dad might sometimes get mad, upset, or disappointed with you. But it’s not very common for a dad to truly “hate” his children. The relationship between parents and children can be complicated. And there are many reasons why it can become difficult or strained.

It’s important to remember that each situation is different, and in some cases, a dad’s behavior towards his children can be harmful or mean. You can try to improve the relationship by talking openly with your dad about how you feel.

If you ever feel scared or in harm’s way, it’s really important to talk to someone you trust. This can be an adult you feel safe with, like a teacher, a family member, or someone in charge, who can help and support you. It’s crucial to reach out for assistance when you need it.

1) You Might Feel “Why does Dad hate me” because of your poor or impulsive behavior

Not enough mature or sensible

One common thing that may be not acceptable for your dad is your lack of ambition or drive. Because most fathers want their sons to be successful in their careers and to achieve their goals in life. When a son is not enough mature or sensible he can’t stay motivated to achieve their goals. 

It’s important to have a clear sense of direction but how can you achieve it without being more practical in life? But definitely, you can make your dad dissatisfied then you can feel dad hates me.

Poor decision-making

Another thing that your dad may not like in you is your poor decision-making. Sons who engage in risky or dangerous behavior. Or make poor choices that can have negative consequences, which can be a source of concern for fathers. 

This can include drug or alcohol abuse, reckless driving, or getting into trouble with the law. So trust me your dad may dislike your bad behavior but he can never hate you.

Feeling a lack of mutual bonding

Sometimes your dad may not like it when you are not interested in the things that he is passionate about. But your dad often wants to share his interests and passions with you. So he may feel disappointed when you are not receptive or interested. 

This can include things like sports, hobbies, or even work-related activities. Seriously this can break your mutual bonding. The different choices, thinking, and ways of lifestyle can lead to a distance between you and your dad. Don’t judge this distance as hatefulness.

Not enough disciplined

If you are not disciplined then you lack self-control and do not follow rules or adhere to standards set by your parents or guardians. This type of behavior may have difficulty completing tasks, following instructions, and making good decisions.

You may also struggle with impulse control, leading to behavior such as acting out, arguing, or even physical aggression. So if your dad feels like you are not being disciplined enough, he may become frustrated and rude to you. This can lead you to think ‘Dad hates me.’

Disrespectful or disobedient

If you are not respectful and obedient to your dad and talk back or show a lack of respect for him or his authority he may also not like it. So your disrespectful or disobedient behavior like refusing to listen to him can be a source of conflict and frustration. 

Finally, this can lead to problems in your relationship bonding. So instead of thinking ‘Dad hates me’ try to be more lovable and likable to your dad.

Not enough responsible

Another thing is a lack of responsibility or accountability in you. Maybe you are not dependable and do not take responsibility for your actions. This can include things like not following through on commitments, and not completing schoolwork or job responsibilities. 

Or failing to fulfill family obligations. So this behavior can be a source of disappointment for your dad. You should not think of his disappointment as hatefulness.

2) You Might Feel “Why does dad hate me” because of your father’s poor parenting skills

It is not healthy or productive for a father to consistently behave with hate toward the child. It can be emotionally damaging and can lead to feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem in the child. 

However, it is important to understand what is the second main reason behind thinking that Dad hates me. Actually, you think this way because of his lack of parenting skills.

Poor communication

The main reason for poor communication between a father and son is the lack of spending time together. As children grow up, they need more guidance from their parents through communication.

However, due to poor parenting skills, fathers only get busy with their life responsibilities. So it can make it difficult for them to spend quality time with the children. 

Poor communication between your dad and you can create a lack of understanding of each other’s perspectives. So you are not always able to understand each other’s point of view. This can lead to a lack of understanding and connection lack of trust, and frustration on both sides.

Over strict or angry behavior

The relationship between a father and his child is a delicate one, and it is important to maintain balance and love. But if a father has a short fuse and struggles to control his temper, he is more likely to be harsh with his child. Then her overly strict or angry behavior can make her child feel scared, anxious, and insecure.

So the child may be introverted and may have difficulty expressing his feelings or thoughts. And when a child feels constant stress and pressure from his father, he may think ‘Dad hates me’.

Low emotional attachment

Your father may lack the emotional attachment to effectively connect with you. But his low emotional attachment can lead you to the wrong trap. Such as negative thinking, difficulty forming relationships, low self-esteem, and behavioral problems.

If your dad is not present or is not actively involved in your upbringing, it can be difficult for him to form an emotional bond. Additionally, he may have a history of unresolved emotional issues.

Such as trauma or mental health problems, which can make it difficult for him to form attachments. But his lack of interest or involvement in your life can cause you to feel alone without love and you think “Why does dad hate me.”

Lack of empathy

A father may struggle to empathize with their child and may become frustrated and irritated when their child expresses emotions or needs. However, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. And it is a crucial parenting skill of being a parent. 

However, for some fathers, it can be difficult to put themselves in their children’s shoes and truly understand their needs and emotions. Maybe your father is so focused on providing for your family financially that he does not take the time to connect emotionally with you. 

And maybe your dad had a difficult relationship with his own father. And has not learned how to be an empathetic father himself. Additionally, he may have difficulty expressing his emotions and may find it hard to relate to your feelings.

Not enough supportive

If your dad is unsupportive or not enough supportive then undoubtedly you may struggle with a negative impact on your development and well-being. So definitely you may feel emotionally unsupported or weak and it may cause you to think he hates you.

There are many reasons why a father may be unsupportive. Such as unresolved personal issues, lack of parenting skills, or substance abuse problems. However, regardless of the reasons, it is important for the child’s well-being that they receive the support and guidance they need.

Lack of understanding of your perspective or needs

Your father may have a lack of understanding of your development. So it is possible that he doesn’t understand your perspective or needs. But when a father doesn’t understand his child’s perspective or needs, can lead to frustration and misunderstanding with the children.

Actually, a father doesn’t have a deep understanding of child development and may not realize how his behavior is impacting his child. Then a child can think that my dad hates me.

Frustrations due to high expectations

If your dad has high expectations for you and you are not meeting them, he may become frustrated and yell at you. So this may be a reason for feeling that Dad hates me.

Fathers and sons have a unique and complex relationship. While fathers often have high hopes and dreams for their sons, there are certain things that they may not like or approve of. These can range from behavioral issues to lifestyle choices and everything in between.

What to do if you think “Why does Dad hate me”

It’s possible that he may not even realize how his behavior affects you so honest communication is an important step to take. There is a major need to create mutual understanding between you and your dad. Because it will provide you a peaceful mind & peaceful life.

Try to improve your impulsive behavior to play a positive role in your relationship

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative trap that your dad hates you. But true happiness comes from pursuing an optimistic attitude towards your relationships. So don’t cut ties with your dad and try to improve your disrespectful or poor behavior.

Only your optimistic attitude can help you to get out of this negative thinking. In general, it’s not productive to blame yourself or your father for the state of your relationship. So it’s important to take personal responsibility for your actions. But it’s also important to remember that a relationship is a two-way street and that both parties have a role to play in making it work.

Use open and honest communication with your father

Instead of focusing on the negative, ‘Why does dad hate me’ it is important to strive for open and honest communication with your father. To understand each other’s perspectives. 

And work towards resolving any issues that may be present in your relationship. If the relationship is difficult and you cannot resolve the issues on your own. It may be helpful to seek out professional counseling or therapy to work through the problems together.

Try to Understand the Circumstances to Know That Dad Dont Hate you

Try to understand the circumstances behind your negative thinking ‘Why does my dad hate me’. So it is important to remember that parents are human too and make mistakes, just like children do. 

They may act out of fear, anger, or past experiences. Try to understand where they are coming from and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Establish Clear Boundaries with Your Dad to Avoid this Negative Trap

One of the keys to avoiding this negative trap is to establish clear boundaries with your dad. If your dad is responsible for this negative trap because of his over-strict or abusive behavior. Then you should try to stand up for yourself. But always use a positive and respectful manner to deal with your dad.

But if he commits physical abuse and is unable to control his anger and turns to physical violence, including kicking, hitting, or choking. Then you can contact child protection services for better help and advice to deal with a terrible dad.

What Happens When You Think, “Why does my dad hate me?”

When you think, “Why does my dad hate me?”, it can make you feel sad, confused, and not good about yourself. You might feel hurt and think that your dad doesn’t want you, which can bring you down emotionally.

These thoughts can create problems in your communication and closeness with your dad. It becomes harder to talk openly and feel connected to each other.

These negative thoughts can also change how you behave and interact with your dad. You might become defensive, keep your distance, or even start doing things you know your dad won’t like.

Alternatively, you might keep your feelings inside because you’re afraid of being rejected even more. These reactions can make your relationship with your dad more difficult and make it harder to solve the real problems between you.


It’s more likely that your relationship has some difficulties that can be worked through with open and honest communication. It’s important to understand that parents are human too and make mistakes. 

But if you feel hard to understand or handle the situation seek the help of a therapist. Or counselor to work through any underlying issues that may be causing your negative thinking about your dad. Always remember that it’s important to become a family where love never ends

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