Wholesome meaning, definition, synonym & antonyms

Wholesome meaning, definition, synonym & antonyms

Here, I will give you a simple definition to understand “wholesome Meaning”. But that’s not all! I will also share words that have the same meaning (synonyms). And words that have opposite meanings. I hope after reading this article, you’ll clearly understand what “wholesome” means.

Wholesome Meaning

Wholesome means something that is good and healthy for your body and mind. In fact, it’s all about adopting habits that make you feel good inside and out, like eating fruits, and vegetables. And practicing other beneficial behaviors.

When we describe something as wholesome, we’re saying that it’s good for our heart and mind, and it brings joy to our lives. So the word ‘wholesome’ always assists us in a better and healthful living.

What the Dictionary Says

If you look up “wholesome” in a dictionary, it’ll tell you it means something healthy, pure, and morally good. So, it’s not just about being physically healthy, but also about being a good and honest person.

What the Everyday Practices Reflects 

Everyday practices are shown to be wholesome simply as things that are good for you and make you happy. This includes spending time with your family, helping out in your community, doing the things you love, being kind to others, eating well, and staying active. So these are all healthier lifestyles or things to do in your daily life.

Wholesome Definition With 5 Examples of Popular Wholesome Things 

If we define the word wholesome, anything embodies purity and goodness. It’s Also, positivity that promotes the well-being of individuals. And communities by awakening feelings of warmth, happiness, and genuine contentment. Here are 5 examples of popular things. 

1) Wholesome Meals

  • When we say “Wholesome” we mean foods that are actually good for us and make us feel good!
  • Actually, Wholesome foods are the good things that keep our bodies healthy and strong.
  • Such as fresh fruits, colorful vegetables, lean meats like chicken, and whole grains like oatmeal.
  • And foods that aren’t high in sugar or unhealthy additions.
  • These foods give us energy and help in making our bodies stronger and healthier. 
  • This example of meals will help you to know wholesome meaning.

2) Wholesome Relationships

  • These are relationships like really beautiful, happy connections with the people in our lives.
  • These are the kind of friendships where your friends are always there for you.
  • Because they make you feel good and you enjoy spending time with them.
  • Or think about your family, where everyone loves and supports each other.
  • And where you can talk openly about your feelings.
  • In healthy relationships, you don’t argue or be mean to each other.
  • Because it’s all about trust, respect, and making each other feel better.
  • Therefore, “Wholesome” means relationships that make us feel happy and loved, with kindness and care. 
  • This example of relationships will also help you to know wholesome meaning.

3) And Entertainment Choices

  • These healthy entertainment choices are things we enjoy.
  • Like- watching TV shows that teach us good things or playing fun, friendly video games.
  • Reading books with interesting stories that make us feel good is another example.
  • So when we say “wholesome,” we mean fun & entertainment that doesn’t have anything bad or mean.
  • And that makes us happy when we do it. It’s the kind of thing that’s good for the heart and mind, and it’s fun too!

4) Wholesome Activities for Kids

  • These are healthy activities for kids and are things they do that are good for them in many ways.
  • Like playing outside, planting in a garden, and being creative with art.
  • Or playing fun games with friends.
  • So these activities help kids grow stronger, smarter, and happier.
  • They also make families closer because everyone does them together.
  • So, ‘wholesome’ means things that make kids better in every way, and they make them cherish when they do them with family and friends.

5) And Work-Life Balance

  • Here, a wholesome work-life balance means finding a good mix between your job and your personal life.
  • So you’re happy and not too stressed out. It’s about doing your job well.
  • But also making sure you have time for things you love, like spending time with family.
  • Or doing your favorite hobbies. It’s not about working too much and feeling tired all the time.
  • Because it’s about feeling good and balanced in both your job and your personal life.
  • So, ‘wholesome’ basically means having a healthy and happy balance between work and the fun stuff in life. 
  • This example will also help you to know wholesome meaning

Wholesome Synonyms

  • “Good,” When something is good for you, it’s usually wholesome.
  • “Healthy,” If something helps you stay strong and not sick.
  • “Nice,” Things that make you feel happy and safe can be called wholesome.
  • “Clean,” If something is pure and not dirty or bad.
  • “Helpful,” Stuff that makes your life better and easier is often wholesome.
  • “All-Around Good,” When something is good in many ways or healthy.
  • “Balanced,” If something is just right and not too much or too little.
  • “Whole-Body Healthy,” If something makes your body and mind feel good.
  • “Teaching,” It’s wholesome when something helps you learn and be a better person.
  • “Really Good,” Sometimes, just saying “wholesome” is the best way to describe something so good and healthy. 
  • These synonyms will help you to know wholesome meaning.


  • “Unhealthy,” Not good for your health, might make you sick.
  • “Harmful”, Can hurt you or cause damage.
  • “Impure,” Not clean or clear; has bad stuff in it.
  • “Toxic,” Contains poison or things that can make you very sick.
  • “Corrupt,” Not honest or good; does bad things.
  • “Destructive,” Breaks things or causes problems.
  • “Unnourishing,” Doesn’t give your body the good stuff it needs.
  • “Immoral,” Does things that are not right or good.
  • “Unwholesome,” Not making you feel good or healthy.
  • “Unfit,” Not good enough or strong enough.
  • “Damaging,” Causes harm or hurts something.
  • “Unfavorable,” Not in your favor, not good for you.
  • “Unbeneficial,” Doesn’t help, and doesn’t have good effects.
  • “Malevolent,” Wants to do bad things or harm others.
  • “Unvirtuous,” Not good or kind, doesn’t do the right things.
  • These antonyms will help you to know the opposite match of wholesome meaning.
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