When You Try Your Best And Don’t Succeed

Don't give up and do the 6 things when you try your best and don’t succeed

“When you try your best, but you don’t succeed and you get what you want, but not what you need. When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep. Stuck in reverse.”

It is a really useful & wonderful article, highly inspired by the Lyrics of Coldplay’s song “Fix You.”

Why Does It Happen?

Because you didn’t do everything you could have possibly done to make it happen. Sometimes you try your best but don’t succeed because of the ‘treadmill of despair because reality is often disappointing. Probably it happens because of your act of setting very high goals and expecting to achieve them right away – and giving up too soon. Instead, build impulse by setting right and small steps to work toward your goals.

How Does It Feel When You Try Your Best And Don’t Succeed?

People who have this kind of problem in their life go through a very sad situation. So when you try your best and don’t succeed at that time you get surrounded by a variety of emotions: such as embarrassment, anxiety, sadness, and shame. Some people start feeling worthless.

Actually, failure is the worst feeling one could ever feel because It gives us emotional discomfort and we tie it to our sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. The worst thing about it is that you are likely to misjudge your skills, intelligence, and abilities and consider them to be much weaker than they actually are.

When you face a lack of success or the inability to meet your expectations, it’s natural that you feel devastated, unfortunate, frustrated, depressed, and angry. So either you express your emotions first and then get angry when they tire you out or you get angry first and then express those emotions later when you can’t hold them back.

Always remember that failing is a normal part of human nature. Even the most successful people fail many times before they succeed. Practice, strategy, concentration, planning, hard work, and determination are a few words to describe what you might need to succeed.

Why Shouldn’t You Give up When You Try Your Best and Don’t Succeed

1- You shouldn’t give up to stay on your way to success

You shouldn’t give up to stay, on your way to success. Because life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Being hopeful will give you the push you need to keep going in your life. So try to be a tenacious kind of person, who never gives up and never stops trying. Someone who does whatever is necessary to accomplish a goal.

2- It is necessary to learn and grow so you shouldn’t give up

You learn great things when you keep moving forward and decide not to give up. So you should never give up and heed the lessons of failure. By not giving up can learn that there are hidden strengths and potentials within to keep yourself motivated. More importantly, by not giving up you can learn how you can effectively convert your failures into success.

3- You shouldn’t give up to beat the fear of failure

Don’t give up to beat the fear of failure. So remain steadfast under trial, for when you have stood the test you will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love and trust him.

4- Because in order to never let failure overtake you

When you try your best and don’t succeed don’t let failures consume you. If you don’t want to give up on your dreams, never let failure overtake you. Otherwise, you may not be happy and often complain about your life and your environment. You may feel that life could be different if you didn’t give up. If you give up on your dreams, you won’t be able to live the unique life that you deserve.

5- It’s essential to believe in yourself

It’s important to believe in yourself and live the life you want and are passionate about. At this point, you need to accept “failure” so that you can learn the important skill of adaptation. Because not giving up means not compromising your most important values, and walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

What to Do When You Try Your Best and Don’t Succeed

1) If at first, you don’t succeed try try again

After seeing the period of misfortune light up the moment of hopefulness. it means you should try again with more positive energy. Because sometimes your success requires multiple attempts, not just one.

So just remember, as long as you keep trying in life, you won’t be upset if you fail at anything. Because you will still have one more chance to succeed.

2) Make your determination an antidote to your failure

When you have this kind of problem in life, your determination becomes more powerful toward your goals. So you can surely achieve great success in your life by staying motivated 24×7.

Always remember that failure will not follow you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. If you present yourself as someone who has no determination and self-confidence, you can’t expect to get anywhere.

You have to remove all of your doubts to make your determination an antidote to your failure. So never let self-doubt interfere with your performance. Because once you doubt, you’ll start making more mistakes, and eventually, failure starts to become inevitable.

3) Try to understand that everything requires time and patience

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to behave well while waiting. It’s really a virtue, but there comes a moment when you can stop being patient when you want to jump immediately.

Your time will come, just be patient and wait for what you want the most. Because no matter how great the talent or effort, it just takes time and patience to go from small things to big things.

4) Take a break to think about your next move

When you try your best and don’t succeed taking a break is important to stay motivated. So when you have a purpose in your life you should take all information to improve your attempt. By getting as much feedback as possible.

Now after analyzing things, start working on your weaknesses, work hard really hard, and try again, then you will definitely achieve success.

Thinking about your next move can give you insight into potential areas of improvement so you can think of new strategies and angles to try next time.

5) Remain optimistic to consider failure as a part of your success

Failure is a big part of the success process in most fields. If you fail, do it in a dignified manner Because even if you tried so hard your best, you can still fail. This sad truth can make any setback an emotionally hurtful experience. So try to take that failure in a respectful way. Be optimistic about success because pessimism is harmful.

When you start thinking about all the bad things that could possibly happen, you start looking for ways to make them come true. By remaining optimistic, you ensure that all those pessimistic thoughts don’t stifle your efforts.

6) Make sure you always try your best

There could be times when you really could have succeeded if only you’d truly tried your best. Not trying your best seems like a way to miss opportunities. So you should find new paths and be open-minded and creative about decision-making.

You need to develop a list of rules and then hold yourself to them to you make sure you are always trying your best. Trying your best means actually doing everything you possibly can do to make something happen. I hope this article will inspire you to overcome disappointment. When you try your best and don’t succeed.

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