15 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You + 10 Uplifting Responses

15 Open Signs Your Friend Doesn't Value You Anymore

Having a good friend is like having your own personal cheerleader, someone who’s always there to make you smile and support you. But sometimes, you come to realize that the person might not be the friend you hoped for. So I’ve collected 15 obvious signs your friend doesn’t value you. And if you feel like your friend isn’t treating you the way he should, I’m here to help you with the 10 best ways to handle it.

1) They Flake out on plans and ignore messages

Sometimes all you need is your best friend. So it’s really hurtful when you notice signs your friend doesn’t value you. The one clear sign is they cancel plans a lot without a good reason or when they ignore your messages often. It’s like they’re not as committed to the friendship. So, if they keep ditching plans and leaving your texts unanswered, it might mean they’re not valuing the friendship like they used to.

2) They contact you only for their needs

You also might notice signs your friend doesn’t value you. If your friend only approaches you for their needs rather than genuinely caring or communicating, they may not appreciate the friendship. When their interactions revolve mostly around what they want from you, a mutually caring relationship lacks genuine interest.

3) They Disregard your feelings in decisions

When your friend keeps making choices without thinking about how you feel or what you think, they do not respect your perspective. Ignoring your feelings in decisions means they might not value your thoughts in the friendship. So you should cut him off.

For example– If your friend plans a whole trip without asking what you think—where to go, when, and what to do—it’s like they’re not considering your input. That kind of suggests they don’t care much about your thoughts in the friendship.

4) They Put little effort into the friendship

Sometimes you might see they don’t make an effort or show excitement to keep the friendship going. It’s like they’re not putting in the energy to make things work, which might mean they’re not really into keeping the friendship alive.

For example– you’re always making plans and trying to stay in touch. But your friend hardly ever does.

5) They Dismiss your achievements and concerns

You also can notice signs your friend doesn’t value you. When they don’t give your achievements much credit or they don’t take your problems seriously. It’s like they’re brushing off what matters to you. When they keep doing this, it shows they might not appreciate or support you in the friendship.

6) They Avoid apologizing or taking responsibility

When your friend messes up but doesn’t apologize or admit they’re wrong, it makes fixing things tough. They might blame others or avoid saying sorry, which makes it hard to sort out problems. Not taking responsibility can ruin the friendship and make it tricky to solve issues.

7) They Exclude you and ignore your boundaries

When your friend keeps leaving you out of stuff and doesn’t respect your limits, it’s a sign something’s off. If they ignore your needs and boundaries all the time, it shows they might not care about how you feel or what you’re comfortable with in the friendship.

8) They Criticize more than offer support

When you need a friend’s support, but they mostly criticize you instead of helping out, it messes with the friendship vibe. If they’re more about pointing out flaws than offering a hand, it makes things feel uneven and not very supportive when you need it.

9) They Repeatedly break trust through dishonesty

They keep breaking trust by being dishonest over and over again. So it’s tough to count on them. Because they keep doing things that make it hard to trust them.

For example-They promise to keep secrets but end up telling others. It’s like trusting them with something important. But they keep breaking that trust by not keeping it private.

10) They Don’t understand your perspective

They don’t try to see things from your side, so when you talk, it feels like they’re not listening or trying to understand. The conversations only go one way, making it hard for you to feel heard or valued.

For example– You tell them about a new hobby. But they don’t seem interested in why it’s important to you. They don’t ask or seem curious. It’s like they’re not tuning into what matters to you.

11) They Rarely prioritize time with you

Spending quality time together isn’t a priority for them. And they seldom express appreciation for your friendship. So they can’t be a best friend forever.

For example, you’re always suggesting hanging out, but your friend never seems interested or available. It feels like they don’t value spending time with you.

12) They Avoid important friendship discussions

Sometimes, you can notice signs your friend doesn’t value you. The other sign is when you try to talk about a misunderstanding, your friend keeps changing the subject or avoiding the conversation. Thus they avoid discussing crucial friendship matters. And they make it hard to resolve issues and strengthen the bond.

13) They don’t give back kindness or support

They don’t give back the kindness or support you offer. It’s like you’re always there for them, but they don’t do the same favor.

For example– You’re there for your friend, but when you need help, they’re not there. It’s like you support them, but they don’t do the same for you.

14) They Prioritize other friends over you

They always pick other friends over you, only reaching out when their other plans fall through. It feels like you’re their backup choice, not a top priority in their friend group.

For example– You’re not their first pick, more like a backup when their usual pals aren’t around.

15) They Are unwilling to compromise or invest in friendship

They don’t seem up for compromising or putting in effort for the friendship. It’s like they’re not committed to making it better or helping it grow.

For example– You try to find a middle ground to fix things in your friendship. But your friend doesn’t want to meet halfway or make any effort. It’s like they’re not interested in working on the friendship. It shows they’re not committed to making things better.

  • Think about a friend who fits the way you’ve changed

As you grow and change, think about friends who share your values and interests. Find companions who understand the person you’ve become.

  • Stick with friends who like and support you

Stick with friends who genuinely care about you, celebrate your successes, and support you through tough times. Prioritize relationships with mutual understanding and unwavering support.

  • Have an honest talk about what you both need

Talking openly about your needs and concerns is important for keeping friendships strong. It helps to understand each other better and address any problems that come up.

  • Remember the good times and look for happiness in new friends

Stay open to making new connections that bring happiness and fulfillment. Appreciate old friends while being open to new ones.

  • Take care of yourself, it’s super important

Healthy relationships start with taking care of your own well-being. Setting boundaries and managing stress is important for your mental and physical health. So don’t let anyone steal your joy.

  • Choose friends who make you feel awesome

Surround yourself with friends who lift you up and bring out your best. Positive friends can have a big impact on your happiness and make your social life fulfilling.

  • Think about where your feelings are going

Check in with your feelings about your friendships regularly. It’s okay to consider whether a friendship makes you feel good or stressed. Being aware of your emotions helps you make good decisions about your relationships.

  • Hang out with friends who make both of you happy

Hang out with friends who bring joy to both of you. Spending time together should make everyone involved happy.

  • Keep friendships that help you both become better

Keep friendships that encourage personal growth. Good friends inspire each other to be their best selves and support each other’s dreams and growth.

  • “When you feel like you’re bothering them more than hanging out, something might be off.”
  • “Actions matter more than words. If they say they care but don’t show it, it’s a red flag.”
  • “If you’re always the one making plans or reaching out first, they might not value the friendship as much.”
  • “It’s cool to support each other. If they’re not cheering you on, they might not get what being a friend means.”
  • “You deserve someone who’s there for you, not just when it’s convenient for them.”
  • “Your feelings matter. If they brush them off or don’t listen, they might not realize your worth.”
  • “Friendship is a two-way street. If it’s all give from your side, something’s not right.”
  • “It’s okay to grow apart. Sometimes, friendships change, and that’s okay.”
  • “If they’re quick to judge and slow to understand, they might not be valuing your perspective.”
  • “Remember, you’re awesome even if someone else doesn’t see it. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.”

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