Happiness Is A Butterfly (By Lana Del Rey)

Lana Del Rey Happiness Is A Butterfly Lyrics with Their Meaning

Lana Del Rey’s song “Happiness Is A Butterfly” is like capturing a feeling that is hard to define and yet so precious. So it’s one of those songs that hits you in the heart with its words and melodies. Let’s dive into this song together and see what it can teach us about the pursuit of happiness as a butterfly.

Happiness Is A Butterfly Lyrics

  • “Do you want me? Heard one thing, now another.
  • Late at night, the bar’s hot feels like summer.
  • Happiness is a butterfly, elusive as moonlight.
  • Every day’s a lullaby, humming on the phone.
  • If he’s bad, then I’m cursed, already hurt.
  • “Don’t be a jerk,” crying in the backseat.
  • Just wanna dance with you,
  • Hold tight on the avenue.
  • Lose myself in music, chasing happiness.
  • Despite the hurt, just wanna dance, with you.”

Happiness Is A butterfly Meaning

When people say “happiness is a butterfly,” it’s like comparing feeling happy to chasing a butterfly. You know how butterflies are pretty but hard to catch? Well, happiness can be like that—nice and awesome, but it doesn’t stick around forever. It comes and goes, just like a butterfly flits around. So, the saying is kinda like a reminder to enjoy those happy times when they happen. Because, like a butterfly, they might not stick around for long.

Lana Del Rey Happiness Is A Butterfly Lyrics with Their Meaning

Make every moment count. Let’s dive into Lana Del Rey’s song ‘Happiness Is A Butterfly’! I’ll walk you through 14 main things about its lyrics that’ll help you understand the song better and feel its meaning more clearly.

1- “Do you want me, or do you not?”

In Lana Del Rey’s song “Happiness is a Butterfly,” she starts by asking a simple question about wanting something but feeling unsure. That question sets the stage for the song’s main focus on understanding relationships better and trying to make things clearer.

2- “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move”

In this line Lana Del Rey wants the other person to do something important in the relationship. She’s showing that she wishes they’d make a big decision or take a step forward. It’s like she’s saying, “Come on, let’s make things happen!” Her words express a strong desire for things to move ahead or get sorted between them.

3- “With a butterfly tattoo”

Further delving into Lana Del Rey’s “Happiness is a Butterfly. You will find that she talks about a butterfly tattoo, which isn’t just an ordinary tattoo. It’s a symbol loaded with meaning. Butterflies often stand for change, beauty, and how delicate things can be. In this song, she’s using the butterfly to talk about happiness.

It’s like saying that happiness, just like a butterfly, doesn’t hang around forever. It’s here one moment and gone the next, just like a butterfly flitting away in a blink. So, the tattoo represents the idea that happiness is fleeting, like a butterfly, not something that lasts a long time.

4- “Happiness is a butterfly, try to catch it like every night”

In this part of the song, Lana Del Rey describes happiness as being a little difficult to capture, much like trying to capture a butterfly. He’s saying that happiness doesn’t last too long; it is fleeting, like a feeling that can fade. It’s like the challenge of catching a butterfly. So sometimes it’s hard to hold onto it.

Lana made this comparison to show that happiness, just like that butterfly, is not something you can easily keep with you. It’s the idea that happiness can disappear quickly, just like a butterfly flying away, making it difficult to hold on to.

5- “It escapes from my hands into moonlight”

That line means when we chase happiness too hard, it slips away, just like trying to grab moonlight. It’s saying that maybe happiness comes more easily when we’re not trying so hard to find it. So, instead of running after it, sometimes it’s better to let things happen naturally.

Like, if you try too hard to hold onto something, it’s likely to slip away, right? That’s the idea here—that happiness might be easier to catch when we’re not chasing it with all our might. This line reinforces the idea that happiness slips away when pursued too eagerly, perhaps suggesting that it’s more likely to be experienced when not actively sought.

6- “Every day is a lullaby”

That phrase means each day feels like a calming lullaby. Even when life gets crazy and we’re chasing after happiness, there’s a comforting rhythm to it all, like a familiar song that makes us feel safe. It’s like saying that despite everything going on, there’s this soothing routine that helps us feel okay.

Just like how a lullaby helps you relax and feel better, even amid a lot of stuff happening around you. So, it’s like life has its song that keeps us feeling grounded, no matter what.

7- “I compare my life to yours and then I die”:

That line says when I look at your life compared to mine, it feels like everything inside me just shuts down. So Lana might be talking about how we often look at others and think they have it better. And when we do that, it makes us feel bad about ourselves. It’s like a feeling that what we have isn’t good enough.

She’s saying that comparing ourselves to others can make us feel so down that it’s like a part of us dies inside. So here the song ‘Happiness is a Butterfly is a reminder that comparing ourselves to others isn’t helpful and just makes us feel worse.

8- “Every time I see your face, I’m paralyzed”

When she says, “Whenever I see you, I can’t move,” it means that this person affects her deeply. Because she feels amazed, admires them a lot, and maybe even feels a bit vulnerable. Imagine feeling so struck by someone that you’re frozen in their presence.

That’s what she’s saying—that this person has such a big impact on her that she feels like she can’t even react normally. Because they have this power over her emotions, making her speechless or stuck whenever they’re around.

9- “And I’d do anything to make you stay”

When she says, “I’d do anything to make you stay,” it’s like she’s shouting to let everyone know how much this person means to her. It’s a huge deal. She’s saying she’d do anything to keep them close. This shows just how incredibly important this person is in her life. It’s like she’s spilling her feelings, saying she’ll do whatever it takes because having them around means everything to her.

10- “I’ll take your bad days with your good”

When Lana Del Rey sings “I’ll take your bad days with your good,” she’s saying she’s okay with the not-so-great days in a relationship, not just the good ones. It means she’s ready to stand by her partner through thick and thin, supporting them through tough times as well as the happy moments.

11- “Walk through this night with me, and I’ll be alright”

Here she’s asking her special one to be there for her. It’s like saying, “If you stay with me during tough times, I’ll feel better.” This line shows she relies on this person for emotional support. It’s a sincere request for their company, suggesting that having them around brings her comfort when things get hard.

12- “I tried to do it right, I tried to do it right”

She says twice that she wanted to handle the relationship well. She’s admitting she put in real effort, maybe suggesting she made mistakes or wished she did things differently. This repetition shows how hard she tried to make things work, even if they didn’t turn out perfectly.

13- “I wouldn’t trade this love for a lie”

Here she’s saying, “I truly value real love.” She’s showing how much she prefers honesty and genuine feelings, even if they’re tough at times. This line is all about her choice to prioritize a truthful and sincere connection over an easier but fake relationship. It shows she believes the challenges of real love are more valuable than superficial or dishonest ones.

14- “Happiness is a butterfly, we should catch it while dancing”

In the final line, she says, “Instead of always chasing happiness, let’s enjoy it in the moment.” She’s suggesting that happiness often comes unexpectedly, just like catching a butterfly while dancing. It’s about embracing those small joyful moments as they come, rather than endlessly chasing after something that might be hard to grasp.

Happiness Is A Butterfly, Quotes

  • “Just when you’re not looking, happiness sneaks in like a butterfly, making life brighter.”
  • “Instead of chasing after it, make a happy garden. Then, like a butterfly, happiness will come to you.”
  • “When you take a break to appreciate the little things, that’s when happiness lands, just like a butterfly on a flower.”
  • “Happiness isn’t found by looking hard for it. So it’s more like a butterfly—it lands when you’re just doing your thing.”
  • “Think of happiness as a butterfly. It’s all around, waiting for you to notice its lovely moments.”

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