Disappointed When Someone You Love Hurts You

Learn to recover from emotional injury if you are disappointed when someone you love hurts you.

When you have someone in your heart the person has the power to make you smile as well as cry and when he becomes so important in your life, you become weak in front of him. 

But the hardest thing you can face is finding someone hurting you by not caring about your feelings. You may feel deeply disappointed when someone you love hurts you. And it leads to low self-esteem and emotional pain because reality is often disappointing.

When Someone You Love Hurts You It Means You Choose The Wrong Person To Love

Love is the only thing in this world that doesn’t hurt and it is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes one feel wonderful again. Loneliness Rejection Losing someone Jealousy can be the reason for getting hurt in love but everyone gets confused.

True love makes you happy as you’ve never been before. Because it wipes away your tears, not your smile. True love doesn’t hurt, it heals you when you feel broken and lifts you up. It brings happiness to your life. It empowers you to be a strong person

The 4 Main Reasons In Case Of Being Disappointed When Someone You Love Hurts You

  1. Because it hurts when you realize you’re not as important to someone as you thought you were.
  2. Perhaps you feel disappointed because your overthinking behavior makes you suffer.
  3. You got disappointed when someone you love hurts you. But sometimes it may be because of your own expectations and your high hopes for someone.
  4. The big reason to get disappointed the worst thing is when the only person who can make you feel better is the person who is responsible to make you cry.

When Love Hurts You Need Emotional Healing

  • It can also be painful and emotionally draining if you feel disappointed when someone you love hurts you. Because it doesn’t go as we hoped or expected. When love hurts, it can leave us feeling vulnerable, confused, and deeply wounded.
  • Emotional healing is an essential part of the recovery process after experiencing hurt in love. This involves acknowledging and processing our emotions, allowing ourselves to grieve, and finding ways to move forward in a healthy and positive way.
  • Seeking support from others can be crucial in the emotional healing process. This may involve talking to a trusted friend or family member, seeking professional counseling or therapy, or participating in support groups with others who have experienced similar struggles.
  • Practicing self-care is also important in the emotional healing process. This may involve engaging in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment, such as exercise, creative expression, or spending time in nature.
  • It is important to remember that emotional healing is a journey, and it may take time and effort to fully recover from the pain of love. However, with patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to seek help and support when needed, it is possible to move forward in a positive and healthy way.

17 Things To Do When You Love Someone Who Hurts You

1- Stay positive to improve your relationship understanding

Get a reality check to improve your relationship understanding. Be determined to get out of a negative rut. Get busy or get away for a while to restore your senses, and do things that calm you down. Focus on the most important thing or things in your relationship. Remind yourself of the good times. Try to acknowledge their flawed human nature.

Also, consider their perspective and frame the frustration constructively. Understand that people are at different stages of development. Put it on paper to understand if you are reacting or overreacting. If he or she is honest with you then keep only positive thinking. because There are two sides to everything.

One negative and the other positive. Which aspect of the things you give to yourself, your thinking becomes like that. If you think too much of the negative, your thinking will become negative, and if you think too much of the positive side, your thinking will become positive. However, in the case of disappointment when someone you love hurts you, like a victim you always suffer from the negative log. Take this small effort to avoid falling prey to negativity.

2- Try to deal with anger instead of venting

Find a healthier to move on from feeling disappointed when someone you love hurts you. And try to remove negativity from your life. So start meditation and take deep breaths and count to ten when you feel hurt.

Allow yourself to express anger because it will work wonders on freeing up the stored energy inside While shouting connect with the pain you feel and cry into it. Write down your feelings. It can help you to clear the overwhelming information in your head.

Running, boxing, and walking all allow great ways to deal with anger because working out is a tricky one. If you do care about this person, also keep your distance in order to avoid future problems.

3- Try to keep your expectations realistic

When someone you love hurts you and I think it happens because of attachment and unrealistic expectations. If you expect something from someone and it is not happening according to that then you will feel sad, life is so long, don’t be so weak.

When we love someone it is normal that we always expect to be loved in the same way as we love that person. We only feel sad when we find a gap between expectations and reality. So limit your expectations and you will be the happiest person in the world!

4- But stop expecting anymore if they hurt you intentionally

Some kinds of hurt in love are intended so stop giving yourself false expectations. But congratulate yourself for recognizing that they do not care and they are hurting you. Your awareness of a situation and facing any reality is key to change.

Don’t feel disappointed when someone you love hurts you. If someone doesn’t care about your feelings try to get away from toxic situations and use your energy to find loving, supportive, substantial relationships that feed your soul. Start with your own relationship with yourself.

5- Practice self-love and respect

Take care of yourself when someone you love hurts you. When someone hurts you by letting you down be the one you love, whoever it is, just remember, it’s you that matters. Not just because you love your loved one but most importantly because you must love yourself! Everything else is secondary.

Someone can really hurt us and not even care about our feelings, but if you just know your self-worth and you love yourself, you’ll be firm enough to stand up and say that you deserve much more than this. Plus letting those people go will shed some light on your self-esteem.

6- Don’t give power in someone’s hand to hurt you

If you got disappointed when someone you love hurts you. Know your values and take control over the thoughts that occupy your mind so you don’t give more brain power to areas of your life that don’t deserve it.

Establish healthy physical and emotional boundaries that give you control over how you treat others and how they treat you.

7- Create personal limits

Because you have the right to define what your limits are—and insist that they be respected. It is important to do because a person can only hurt you when you give them permission to hurt you or play with your feelings.

The best way to stop this from happening is to be strong, take control over your life, and don’t care for those who make you feel miserable.

8- Stop letting someone control your happiness

Learn to assert yourself and say no, even if it’s hard at first. Start small with simple things like schedule and chores. You’ll eventually build up enough confidence that you can take your stand on more complex issues.

Don’t let your weakness to someone else overpower you so much that you lose sight of your own well-being. Don’t let them make you feel that you are worthless. So choose people who choose you.

9- Don’t fake your feelings express how you feel

Don’t fake your feelings in the situation of being disappointed when someone you love hurts you. Let yourself cry if you want, get angry if you want, but process all those feelings completely. Time can ease the pain. Keep in mind that you will never be completely over him, but you will need to start learning to live with him.

10- Avoid being too emotional to communicate better

Communication is one of the best skills by which you can improve any complex issue. So don’t react like an emotional fool and don’t just keep numb, speak up, and have a word with your loved one. Ask the reason behind his/her behavior.

Better communication is always helpful for good relations. Work together with your partner to figure out how you can maintain healthy boundaries. Try to be as honest, direct, kind, and considerate as possible. During conversation try to stay practical and humble to each other.

11- If someone hurts your feelings, let them know in a productive & comfortable way

Try explaining the exact words they used that hurt you, but express your hurt feelings calmly rather than with anger. It’s totally OK to be angry, but when communicating with your partner, it might be easier to get your message across if you can avoid lashing out at them.

Make sure you keep the attention on yourself when you’re bringing up your feelings. To express your feelings try to explain how you feel when something your partner does, or did, happens. Tell them what you feel, why you feel it, and what you’d like them to say or not say or do instead,” Masini suggests. “This doesn’t just give your partner information about your feelings — it gives them a flow chart to modify behavior.”

12- Keep your temper in check

If they’re laughing and making a joke out of something that hurt your feelings, don’t use the opportunity to lash out and [get aggressive] on them. This will just fast-track a fight. What you want to do is explain your feelings, but if you get upset and get angry, you’ll lose that opportunity to segue into a conversation.” Keep your temper in check when someone you love hurts you.

13- Keep your feelings under control

To deal with your broken and hurtful feelings or a bad mood, slow down and ask yourself why you feel the way you take action to change a situation or circumstance to make things better. So don’t judge immediately. Instead, focus on learning more about how the other person sees you, how they see themselves, and how they see the situation.

Because recording is concentrated listening, with the intent to learn more about another person’s perspective. You’re not trying to figure out how to reply; instead, you’re listening to understand. Through attentive listening, you often see things you didn’t see before, and can even discover basic misunderstandings you didn’t know existed.

14- Don’t expose yourself to people who don’t care about your feelings

Feeling exposed and being open and honest about how you feel can make you vulnerable. So take pride in your ability to try to navigate your feelings personally. And visualize your highest self.

Spend some time alone to understand your strength because you can truly only be yourself when you’re completely alone.

15- Don’t maintain any relationship at the cost of your self-respect

It is important to respect each other in a relationship. So give love and respect to your partner but never give power. Always be careful to maintain boundaries and maintain a balance in your relationship. If you are feeling disappointed when someone you love hurts you and you are feeling humiliated, don’t stay silent. Cut him off if he disrespects you.

Don’t maintain any relationship at the cost of your self-respect. Because self-respect is key to building confidence and maintaining healthy relationships with other people throughout life. Because it helps us to maintain our emotional health. It is related to our understanding of self-esteem and our practice of self-love. So it’s also really important that you have respect for yourself, whether single or dating.

16- Finally, try to ignore the person who doesn’t care for you

if you think someone is hurting you for no reason, especially if this unsupportive behavior is going on for weeks or months, it might be a good idea to consider walking away from a relationship and avoiding people who do not acknowledge your feelings.

It might be hard, but can sometimes be the only way. This is of course harder in cases when the hurtful comments and words are delivered by loved ones such as a parent, best friend, child, spouse, or even a sister or sibling.

People can be in a marriage lasting for years but this long time does not necessarily mean that someone cannot hurt you or give you a hard time in a relationship with a boyfriend or marriage.

17- Learn to let go & forgive when someone you love hurts you

Learn to let go of resentment because holding a grudge against someone who has hurt you doesn’t punish the other person. Instead, it only punishes you. When you waste valuable time thinking about a person you feel wronged you, it takes away your ability to enjoy the moment.

Be like water and flow everywhere there’s an opening. So be clear, because forgiveness isn’t about saying what the person did was OK. Instead, it’s about choosing to let go of the hurt and anger that interferes with your ability to enjoy life.

What to Say to Someone Who Has Hurt You Deeply

  • “I am hurt by what you did/said, and I need to express how it has affected me so we can move forward.”
  • “I can understand that everyone makes mistakes, but what you did/said was not okay and it has caused me a lot of pain.”
  • “So I want to forgive you, but I need to hear a genuine apology and a commitment to making things right before I can fully move on.”
  • “I value our relationship, but I cannot tolerate this behavior. I need you to understand how much it has hurt me and make a sincere effort to change.”
  • “But I need some time and space to process my emotions, but I hope we can work towards healing and rebuilding trust in our relationship.”
Is It Normal To Feel Disappointed When Someone You Love Hurts You?

It’s normal to feel disappointed when someone you love hurts you because you’re not alone. Actually, disappointment is a phase of love in most cases. And there is a psychology behind cutting someone off.

Almost every serious intimate relationship—perhaps everyone that lasts longer than one night—has to contend with this. It can come on suddenly or grow slowly, but once a fight starts, it can assume tragic proportions for a couple who is trying to live together.

Why It Happens When Someone You Love Hurts You

It is really painful when someone doesn’t acknowledge our love the same way we do. But it may happen for some reasons.

It is really painful when someone does not accept our love in the same way as we do. But this can happen due to some reasons.

  • It happens when someone you love starts jealous of you

Sometimes our loved ones can be too sensitive or overly sensitive toward us. If we are too close to someone else, they can become irritated and easily jealous.

  • This happens because of anger

There is nothing more frustrating than when someone you love lashes out at you when they are angry. Of course, we know what we are dealing with, but our emotions can make it difficult for us to accept and react appropriately.

  • This happens when they don’t care about you and your feelings

They really won’t take the time to listen to you. And they may talk over you or interrupt you when you are talking. They may not talk to you for days, weeks, or even months. They cannot accept that you are feeling hurt or upset.

It happens when someone you love doesn’t respect you

Because of his own arrogance and self-righteousness. Some people become very egoistic towards their partners. They’ll treat you like you’re nothing, and won’t respect your opinions and feelings. They may even intentionally embarrass you or treat you like you don’t matter.

  • When they hold grudges

Some people are not good at forgiving others and they hold on to all their bitter experiences and wait for the right time to take revenge. This is not good for any relationship at all.

  • When you value them more

When they take you for granted, they stop noticing and thanking you for what you do. They stop appreciating you.

  • When they betray or leave you

When the person you love gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend, they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be loved. It means that the relationship is over and there is nothing left to give you.

If You are Disappointed When Someone You Love Hurts You (these quotes will motivate you)

  • “The greatest glory in living lies not in falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela
  • “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” -Will Rogers
  • “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” -Albert Einstein

  • “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” -Steve Jobs

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