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A Summary of the Key Points Alan Watts Makes in the Talk "A person who thinks all the time...

A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about but thoughts. So he loses touch with reality, and lives in a world of illusion or dream.“ —  Alan Watts

Alan Watts’ quote suggests that if someone is constantly thinking and occupying their mind with thoughts and ideas, they may lose touch with the real world. And end up living in an illusionary state where their thoughts and perceptions don’t match the reality around them.

Watts was a philosopher who explored Eastern philosophies like Zen Buddhism and Taoism. These philosophies emphasize the importance of being present in the moment and experiencing the world directly, rather than getting lost in thoughts and mental distractions that can keep us from seeing reality clearly.

While thinking and reflection are important, it’s also crucial to stay connected to the world around us and not get too caught up in our own thoughts. Finding a balance between reflection and being present can help us live more fulfilling and authentic lives.

A Summary of the Key Points Alan Watts Makes in the Talk

Alan Watts says that we often think too much about things, and this can make us feel stressed, anxious, and disconnected from the present moment. He thinks that instead of always analyzing and judging, we should try to just experience things without thinking too much.

Watts thinks that society puts too much importance on thinking logically and not enough on being creative and curious. He believes that we should have fun and be curious in life and not be too serious.

He also suggests that we should accept that life is always changing and unpredictable, instead of trying to control everything. Life is always changing and we should be open to new experiences.

Overall, Watts encourages us to focus on the present, be curious, and have fun in life. We should accept that life is always changing and be open to new experiences.

How is Alan Watts true or what actually happens to a person who thinks all the time?

It is the nature of the mind to constantly think. You cannot blame it. But you should realize that you need to set the limits yourself. Everything in excess is harmful so Alan Watts is somewhere true in his philosophical sense. 

1) A person who thinks all the time might feel like his brain won’t shut off. 

He even feels as though his brain is on overdrive as it replays scenarios in his head and causes him to imagine bad things happening. It may also cause excessive activity in his brain that can be harmful to him. 

He may have low self-confidence because his tendency to overthink constantly fosters self-doubt. This leads to exhausting the brain cells, thus making them incapable of generating creative insights.

2) A person who thinks all the time might face different forms of mental illnesses

Mental illnesses like stress, anxiety, and depression & laziness. Sometimes It affects decision-making. Disrupts daily routine activities. So you’ll have little productivity to show.

It Interferes with interpersonal relationships. By breeding doubts, it tends to promote misunderstandings, wrong choices, denials, and escapism; It impacts mental peace and appetite, thereby, throwing your internal system into a pit of chaos.

3) A person who thinks all the time weakens his problem-solving skill

His habit of overthinking interferes with his problem-solving ability as it causes him to dwell on the problem and imagine situations that may never happen, rather than finding a solution. 

Indeed making simple choices, like choosing an outfit for the day or deciding on the coming holiday spot, may feel like a life-or-death situation.  Ironically, all that overthinking will never help him make a better choice!

4) A person who thinks all the time might face sleep problems

This is because his body does not allow him to sleep when due to overthinking his mind does not at peace. Ruminating about almost everything and worrying constantly about things over which he has little or no control often leads to fewer hours of sleep. 

Thus, overthinking impairs his quality of sleep and may make him cranky the next day as well.

8 Super Ways to Coach a person who thinks all the Time

1- Try to live in the present moment

Because most negative thoughts come from dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. There’s almost no benefit to doing this. A person who thinks all the time is stuck in his thoughts so you lose touch with reality and fail to experience the joys of the amazing world.

You should understand that you can’t change the past, or predict the future. Visiting these illusionary spaces typically does nothing to help you in the real world, other than spark fear, anxiety, nostalgia, and other bad feelings within yourself. 

2) Practice mindfulness and yoga to get in touch with reality 

It will help you to effectively clear your mind. Because these are essential exercises designed to help you separate yourself from your thoughts. The simple practice of meditation requires you to sit in a silent room for 10-20 minutes and focus on your breathing only.

Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention, slow down, and notice things when you are busy with your constant thoughts. So focus on your breathing and try to intentionally bring open, accepting, and discerning attention to everything you do. Self-love meditation will also help you.

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3) Focus on the things that really matter 

Focusing on the things that really matter is essential and it also will help a person who thinks all the time. If you want to concentrate on what’s truly important for you in your life. You should remind yourself every day of what is truly most important.

So you should have some sort of a personal productivity system where your priorities will actually matter. And you have to consciously know what activities steal your time. 

4) Find your flow state to forget all your fears and worries

Try to find your flow state because a flow state is a blissful feeling of absolute focus, where one becomes so engrossed in a task that the rest of the world ceases to exist. Time canvases, fatigue disappears and all studies outside of the task fade down. 

This state of mind is euphorically peaceful. It helps you forget all your worries and fears.

5) Realize that you are getting into the trap of overthinking

It’s not very easy to admit that you’ve got a big or small problem However, realizing that you overthink things is the only way you’ll even have the desire to put a full stop to it or make a change.

So whenever you catch yourself worrying about something, pump the brakes. You don’t have to dig into the underpinning cause of that solicitude just yet. Rather, admit the fact that you might be overthinking the subject. 

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6) Distract Yourself by doing something interesting

For a person who thinks all the time worries start to take over his mind. So you can fight back against them by immediately doing something else that engages your brain. This could include jotting in a journal, doing twenty pushups, reading an composition, or calling up your stylish friend.

Whatever you can do to get yourself out of that moment of worry, take action and build self-discipline to do it. You might be surprised at how snappily the studies pass through when you don’t give them the power to take over. 

7) Listen to healing music to relax your brain

Yes, a person who thinks all the time can heal his mind by listing to music because it has many healing properties and psychological benefits. Actually, healing music allows muscle relaxation because the particular type of sound may reduce stress, anger, depression, and fatigue. 

It can improve your concentration and give your memory a boost. So music properties offer a welcomed distraction, which helps you to reach your next point. Because when you’re actively engaged in listening or playing music, you’re more mindful of the moment and less worried about everything else. 

8) Take control of your doubtful thoughts

A person who thinks all the time might be fearful about something doesn’t mean it. So don’t believe each doubt that your mind creates. It may be hard to do if you are a chronic worrier or tends to overthink everything.

But you have the power to take control of your thoughts you should acknowledge it. When negative tone talk creeps in, you don’t have to believe it. You should let it take over so don’t be fearful about something doesn’t mean you have to.

A Person Who Thinks All The Time Quote

  • “We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. If think. Think. And think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.” – Anthony Hopkins
  • “The only way to escape the prison of our own mind is to learn to step outside of it.” – Vironika Tugaleva
  • “Thinking too many leads to paralysis by analysis. It’s important to think things through, but many use thinking as a means of avoiding action.” – Robert Herjavec
  • “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” – Robin S. Sharma
  • “An overactive mind is like a turbulent ocean, and it can consume us if we’re not careful.” – Haemin Sunim
  • “Overthinking is just a painful reminder that you care too much, that you’re still attached to things that are supposed to be let go.” – Unknown


The idea here is that if we think too much, we might lose touch with what’s real and end up living in a made-up world. When we think too much, we might confuse things like numbers and ideas with the real world, and that can harm nature. To get back to reality, we can try meditating.

This means calming our minds by doing things like chanting or listening to gongs. When we calm our minds, we can stop thinking too much and see things as they really are. Meditation can help us understand ourselves and the world better.

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