Never Force Someone to Be In Your Life

The 7 best steps to know why you should never force someone to be in your life

If you have to force someone to be in your life it means you are not in a good relationship. It’s an open sign that they are not interested and dedicated to you. While in a true relationship, both partners work together to show affection for each other. But if you find yourself begging for love, attention, and affection, it’s bad for your self-respect. And you may feel disappointed. So never force someone to be in your life. Because there is nothing more important in life than self-respect.

The 7 best steps to know why you should never force someone to be in your life.

1) Because he or she is not giving you the priority

If he or she is not giving you priority forcing will be the biggest obstacle in the way of your self-satisfaction. Someone who is totally into you today might not be seen anywhere around tomorrow; priority may be changed. So instead of remaining confused find out the reality.

If they don’t fulfill your emotional need. And doesn’t have time for you. Not picking up your calls and messages but only communicating with you when necessary. And ignoring you multiple times.

When someone is only there for you in your good times to take advantage of you and you are not feeling any true connections. Then you should understand that you are not a priority to him. And only you are putting effort to have himher in your life.

You can’t do anything about it. You can’t control others but you can control your own emotions and responses. So the better thing to do is you should forget that person who doesn’t even care about you. Do it if you really don’t want to lose self-satisfaction just show himher that you don’t care anymore.

2) Because your love and emotions get ignored

You can’t force people to like you so learning to let go will be your smart decision. But sometimes it seems hard but you will have to forgive this emotional cheating. Always remember letting go or making peace with it will lead you to feel stronger and more in touch with yourself first.

So choose the people who chose you. It will help you to never force someone to be in your life. And to walk away or let go allow yourself to grieve, and don’t ignore or pretend that your pain isn’t there. acknowledge the sadness, anger, frustration, and anything you might be feeling, slowly but surely these strong emotions will fade if you got someone to help. 

So talk to someone and ask for support or help it will really help you move on healthily. If you are feeling discomfort about sharing your feelings then you should consider a therapist.

3) It will keep you stuck in losing self-value

Never beg it because by doing this you are increasing the value of someone who doesn’t value you  If a person doesn’t value you she may even be negative in many situations and can demoralize you. So never let her do that to you! If you force someone to be in your life, you are increasing her value so don’t give her a chance to feel pride in herself. 

She actually will know your value after losing you. Decide to value yourself over everything, and you will definitely leave this person, and move on with your life. So don’t underestimate yourself: First, try it, and don’t think of how incapable you are of doing it.

Avoid insulting yourself by thinking stuff like “I’m so dumb”, “I’m so worthless”, etc. Don’t tolerate when someone manipulates you. Use your negative emotions to get better and learn from this experience.

4) It will give him a chance to hurt your self-respect

When you force someone to be in your life it will definitely give him a chance to hurt your self-respect. So prefer ignoring the person’s presence who made you suffer or belittles you. Never let anyone bring you down. Keep going to follow your dreams and believe in yourself to never give up. 

Always remember without self-respect, you are simply incomplete. So behaving without self-respect can cause you to feel hurt. Instead of begging for love prefer to let it go without feeling hatred. 

Otherwise, you will lose self-respect so it’s better to stay away from someone who runs away instead of being with you when it was really required. Never allow others to disgrace you until and unless it is really your mistake.

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5) Never force someone to be in your life to keep your chin up

It means trying to make yourself worthy of your own thinking to stand by your own principles. Even test them, and if necessary, prove them wrong. You have the tools to draw your own conclusions about everything. 

So never beg to protect your belief that you are worth more. And nothing is more important to you than your self-value and feelings. Once you admit the truth to yourself and decide to accept that this person doesn’t feel the same way about you, then you can make this the turning point and begin the healing process.

6) Because the next beautiful chapter is waiting for you

Never force someone to be in your life. It means there is always a new chapter of life waiting for you to fix your life. So just imagine the beautiful chapter that is waiting for you and allow you to perceive the event as something that changes you or opens up a new door in your life.

Recognize that you are at a crossroads. so it’s a time to take reflection on who you want to be. Find out what your priorities are to make time for them. Give yourself some space to forget the memories of your past relationships. Accept that it is over but life goes on.

To welcome the next beautiful chapter make a list of all the things you want to do in your new life. Keep an open mind and read new books. It’s helpful to feel recovery by allowing yourself the time to recover and relax.

You can write down your feelings it will not only give you relief but also keep track of your moving-on process and how far you’ve come. 

7) Saying goodbye will give you a chance to welcome someone else who wants to be in your life

Saying goodbye means unfollowing him on all of your social media accounts. And stop dwelling too much. Whenever you feel like you are thinking too much and want to text or call her, engage yourself, and don’t let your mind wander for too long. Don’t go to places where you used to have special memories. If you’re kind of looking at old photos and text again, delete it.

After saying goodbye to not feel a lot of pain you should distract yourself. So get involved in doing something to be active such as traveling, exercising, or running. It will free your mind by releasing all the anger and emotional pain. I hope now you can understand why and how you should never force someone to be in your life.

“After the storm is over you’ll feel calm. Practice self-trust then life will be good again. Best of luck!”

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