How to Tell if Someone Is High (14 Clear Signs)

14 Clear Signs Can Help You Tell If Someone Is High

Figuring out if someone is high on drugs or if someone is under the influence of marijuana edibles can be tricky. Because the effects can differ from person to person, depending on the amount and strength of the edible. But 14 common signs can help you tell if someone is under the influence. Knowing these signs can help you better understand their situation and provide the right help if needed.

14 Common Signs Can Help You to Tell If Someone Is High

1- Observable Intoxication

  • Observable intoxication occurs when someone clearly appears drunk or impaired.
  • You can tell by watching their behavior and listening to how they speak.
  • They might have trouble speaking clearly, move unsteadily, and do strange things.
  • Their thinking abilities may also be affected.
  • These signs indicate that the person may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2- Glassy or Bloodshot Eyes

  • When someone is high or drunk, their eyes may look shiny or red.
  • This happens because certain substances can affect the appearance of our eyes.
  • Stimulant drugs can make their pupils bigger, while opioids can make their pupils smaller.
  • You might notice changes in their eye size or redness, indicating their substance use.

3- Mumbled or Unclear Speech

  • When someone is under the influence of drugs, their speech can be affected.
  • They may slur their words or have difficulty speaking clearly.
  • Their speech might sound jumbled or different from their normal way of talking.
  • It can be challenging to understand what they’re saying because their words may be unclear or hard to follow.

4- Unusual Actions That Tell Someone Is High

  • When someone is high or drunk, they may start acting strangely or doing things that are out of character.
  • They could behave in unusual ways or do things that surprise you.
  • They might become more aggressive, have sudden mood swings, or lose their usual self-control.

5- Physical Changes That Can Tell Someone Is High

  • When someone is high, it can affect their ability to control their body and move properly.
  • They might have trouble walking steadily, stumble, or struggle to maintain balance.
  • These changes in coordination can be a sign that they are impaired or under the influence of drugs.

6- Trouble Thinking Clearly

  • When someone is high, it can affect their thinking, memory, and focus.
  • They may have trouble remembering things or staying attentive.
  • They might seem confused or have difficulty understanding information.
  • Making decisions or having meaningful conversations can be hard for them.

7- Strange Odor Can Help You to Tell if Someone Is High

  • You might detect an unusual odor. When someone is using certain drugs, they can have a distinct and noticeable smell on their breath, clothes, or personal items.
  • This smell can be different and stand out compared to their usual scent.
  • The specific odor can vary depending on the type of drug they are using. Each drug may have its own characteristic smell that you might notice.

8- Changes In Hunger

  • When someone is high, their appetite can change.
  • Some drugs can make them feel very hungry and have strong cravings for food, often called the “munchies.”
  • They may have a strong desire to eat and snack a lot.
  • On the other hand, certain substances can decrease their appetite.
  • They may feel less interested in eating and have less desire for food.
  • This can lead to eating less and, in some cases, weight loss.

9- Excessive Talkativeness or Hyperactivity Can be enough to Tell if Someone Is High

  • When someone is high, they can become very talkative and energetic.
  • They may have a lot of energy and talk more than they usually do.
  • They might be very chatty, excited, or restless.
  • This behavior can be noticeable if it’s different from how they normally act.

10- Feeling Extremely Happy or Excited

  • When someone is high on drugs, they can feel extremely happy, excited, or giggly.
  • Their emotions may become exaggerated, and they might seem overly joyful or enthusiastic.
  • This behavior can be different from their usual demeanor or how they typically act.

11- Feeling Very Worried or Suspicious

  • When someone is on certain drugs, they may become more anxious, restless, or suspicious.
  • They might show signs of being very nervous, constantly worried, or feeling like others are against them.
  • They could also appear more agitated or easily annoyed.

12- Falling Asleep or Being Very Sleepy

  • Some drugs, like sleeping pills or painkillers, can make a person feel really tired or sleepy.
  • They might have trouble staying awake and seem extremely tired or worn out.
  • They may even fall asleep or find it hard to keep their eyes open.

13- Faster or Irregular Heartbeat

  • Find clues to tell if someone is high on drugs. Focus on their heartbeat can become faster or irregular.
  • The person’s heart rate may speed up or change from its normal rhythm.
  • This can happen when they use drugs that make them feel more energized or due to the effects of certain substances on the heart and blood vessels.

14- Recognizing Drug-related Items That Tell Someone Is High

  • Drug-related items, such as needles, pipes, or pill bottles, found with someone indicate drug use.
  • These objects strongly suggest that the person is involved in substance abuse or currently using drugs.
  • Recognizing these drug-related items can give insights into the specific substances the person may be using. All these signs will be really helpful to tell if someone is high.

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