How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone?

How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone? (According to different personality traits)

Ghosting is about cutting someone off and stopping talking suddenly without any explanation. This happens a lot online. We usually talk about how a person feels the pain of empty promises. But we don’t talk much about how the ghosters feel after ghosting. So in this article, we’ll see how a ghoster might feel after ghosting someone. But it’s different based on their personality.


Some people are confident and strong, while others are caring and sensitive. Each type of person reacts in their own way. By looking at these different reactions, we can learn how a person’s personality makes them act after ghosting. It helps us to understand this confusing thing better.


How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone? (According to different personality traits)

Here’s how the ghoster might feel after ghosting someone, according to different personality traits.


1- Introverted Personality – Seeking Relief

Imagine someone who’s usually quiet and shy suddenly stops talking to another person. It’s like they’ve found a way to feel better. Ghosting can act like a pause button, giving them a break from pressing to speak, especially if they’re shy. Think of it like finding a calm spot at a busy place – that’s how it might feel.


For introverted people, ghosting can be like a timeout from overwhelming social situations. This pause from talking can help them feel more at ease and less stressed. Ghosting, therefore, becomes a tool for silent individuals to take care of themselves and manage social moments in their own way.


2- Extroverted Personality – Conflicting Emotions

Usually, an extroverted personality likes to be around others. Because they have a bubbly personality. So they could feel a bunch of different emotions after ghosting someone. On the one hand, they may feel a little relieved to get out of a difficult situation. But at the same time, they may feel bad for not being honest about it, like feeling guilty. Also, they may actually lose the connection they had with someone they stopped talking to.


This shows that there is a conflict going on within them- they want things to be socially smooth. But they also want meaningful and important relationships. They seem to be caught between these two feelings, unsure which one to choose.


3- Analytical or Logical Personality Ghoster – Feel Deep Regret After Ghosting

Analytical or logical personality ghoster could feel deep regret after ghosting someone. Because they might have a strong feeling that they made a mistake. Even though they thought ghosting was a practical choice, now they might realize it caused problems. They might wish they handled things differently to avoid complications.


4- Empathetic and Emotional Personality – Feeling Really Sorry

Empathetic and Emotional Personality ghoster might feel super regretful after ignoring someone. Because they are people who are really good at understanding emotions and care a lot about others. So they could truly understand how their actions hurt the other person and feel very sad about it.


Because they’re so good at understanding feelings. And they might keep thinking about how the other person is feeling. So their soft-hearted personality makes them feel really, really bad.


5- Assertive or Dominant Personality – Feeling Strong Confidence

Assertive or Dominant Personality ghoster might feel strong confidence after ghosting someone. Because when they ignore someone, they might feel really, really sure about their decision. Because they think it’s a way to take control and make their own choices.


They truly think that ghosting or ignoring is the best option. This strong feeling comes from how they see themselves as leaders in situations. Which makes them very certain that ignoring is the correct thing for them to do. So the reality is often disappointing.


6- Easygoing or Non-confrontational Personality Ghoster- Feel Calmer After Ghosting

People who don’t like arguments might feel better by ghosting. Avoiding tough talk feels like a calm way to get out of a possible fight. Ghosting helps them slowly let the situation go without a direct argument, hoping that things will get better on their own over time.


7- Perfectionist Personality – Thinking Too Much

Think of someone who always wants things to be perfect. When they ghost or ignore someone, they might think a whole lot about what they did. They might keep asking themselves if they could have done things better. Or is walking away a good decision.


This kind of thinking can make them go over the same thoughts again and again, trying to find the very best way to handle the situation. They do this a lot because they really, really want things to be just right.


8- Creative or Artistic Personality – Feeling Confused

Creative or Artistic Personality ghoster might feel confused after ghosting someone. Because they might feel really mixed up inside when they ghost someone. Ghosting means ignoring or avoiding someone without explaining why. These creative folks might have a lot of different feelings about it.


They might use their creative hobbies or talents, like art or music, to show these feelings. Ghosting can make them feel confused and it’s hard for them. So they might use their creativity to help them figure out and show how they feel.


9- Empowerment-Focused Personality – Ghoster Feels More Powerful After Ghosting

Imagine someone who really wants to feel strong and in charge. When they ghost someone, they might feel even stronger. Ghosting someone is like a way to pay attention to themselves. And make sure they’re doing well. It’s like they’re saying to themselves, “I’m important, and I’m making this choice.”


Ghosting someone can be a way for them to show that they’re taking control. And looking after their own happiness. It’s kind of like a tool that makes them feel even more confident and in control of their own life.


10- Dependent Personality – Feeling Worried and Alone

A dependent personality ghoster might feel worried and alone after ghosting someone. Because they are people who often rely on others a lot might feel even more anxious after ghosting someone. Because they really need others to feel better. When they ghost someone, they might feel even more worried.


They could be afraid of losing the relationship and being all by themselves. Not having that connection might make them feel even lonelier. It’s like a reminder that they rely on others a lot for their feelings to improve. So if you recognize these personality traits, it may be easier to make a guy regret ghosting.

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